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What is this website all about?  This objective of this website is to provide as much information as possible about CNC routers not only for the experienced CNC user but also for the new user that is looking to build their own DIY machine.  I hope that you will take a minute to look around this website and find some information that may be helpful in your CNC build.  I will be posting information about the projects that I have made either completely or with the help of my CNC router.  I will be sharing plans and files for many of those projects.  Check out the FAQ & Links page for information and links to parts and software for CNCs.  Take a moment to browse through the Photo Gallery to see some of the projects I've completed with the help of my Sidewinder CNC router.

I have added a new page How To Build A CNC to document the build that I am doing a YouTube video series on.  Check it out.

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 Looking for the CNC Router Plans?  Click here.

Plan drawings for Adirondack Outdoor Furniture and the Marble Machine Ring Gear Lift Figure 8 are now available for downloading. Coming Soon Glastonbury Chair plans.

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